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Good Muhurta is necessary for starting new construction

Muhurta is a short term destiny applicable to a specific aspect of life. We can say that this is self created short term destiny which will certainly have its say provided it put in harmony with the individual’s long term destiny ,means birth horoscope. Relevance of Mururta lies in its being a means through which one can adapt to nature.Instead of going against natural forces it is better to begin when the cosmic power and is favourable. Reasons for this can be found in its emphasis on positive aspects of life i.e., choosing a favourable time to commence any activity. This is said to be the Muhurta.Muhurta orchoice of an auspicious moment for commencement of the activity plays an important role in one’s life.For every important work of life must be started in a good muhurta like marriage joining job ,stating journey and making construction of house and business place etc.

Every person has a dream for construct his own house. Making a house is the most important work in one’s life. If a person starts making a house in a good time (auspicious) time, on a good day and while checking the good position of planets then there is no scarcity of finance, good health, progress and prosperityin these houses. The below given are the few precautions which are kept in mind while making any new house or doing any alteration.

  • Avoid the day Sunday and Tuesday in general for starting a new construction
  • Get the planetary position checked from an expert astrologer-means see the Lagna or Ascendant at the time of laying foundation-Try to avoid these four Ascendants which are Aries, Cancer, Libra& Capricorn.
  • At the time of starting construction if Sun’s position is weak then this will give bad results to the owner.
  • Choose good lunar day (Tithi) for starting new construction or Making renovation.

Vaastu-a key to better living

Vaastu is a science of Architecture. This is an ancient art and science with well defined principles and practices of constructing buildings in way that it creates a positive balance between nature and mankind resulting in holistic happiness, health and prosperity. Vaastu also has a deep relation with astrology which is called Horo Vaastu. Horo vaastu is gaining popularity in the current times. With the help of this, vaastu faults can be checked while going through horoscope. Horo Vaastu helps to rectify the birth time of a native. Comparing the characteristics of vaastu and the horoscope of the owner is one of the better means to judge the accuracy of a given Horoscope when there is any doubt about the correct birth time. “Kaal Sarpa” dosha in Horoscope gives clue to the vaastu doshas of the house with severe consequences. Horoscope of the person can check the entry of his house along with the associated problems of direction. With horoscope map axis can be checked to match with the geometric axis of the house of a person. With the help of the horoscope all the discrepancies in the house are checked along with the blocked directions of the house. All building faults can be located by the horoscope and subsequently the rectifications can be suggested. This is the beauty of the Horo Vaastu. Person facing problems in life or at home must consult a good Astrologer and vaastu expert.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is not just a healing method but a step forward in spiritual direction.Through Reiki more than your physical and mental treatment it helps a person to go on spiritual direction.Reiki works as miracle healing touch at both physical and mental levels. It is not that you willnot fall sick because of Reiki , but Reiki will enable you to get recover soon from sickness. Reiki is supportive therapy and a wonderful energy which stops medicines for ailment after reducing them gradually. As long as there is life on the earth pains and problems arising out of the disease will remain,but Reiki will be helpful at such times.One most beautiful thing of Reiki is that it is a positive energy which never works negatively.Reiki recovers physicals ailments,increases concentration and makes a person ready for meditation.

As we know that now a days the life is much stressful and everyone is having a hectic schedule. So there is a need to remove stress in minimum time. When we think about stress removal in minimum time ,the first thing in our mind is meditation. After giving ten to fifteen minutes we can refresh ourselves.One can do meditation in a below given way: Sit in a chair with back straight and your feet flat on the floor hands resting on your knees. Relax, take a deep breath and begin an easy exhale making an aaahh sound with your voice box. After few seconds(two or three)suspend the noise and exhale without closing your throat.The throat should feel open as it did when you made the aaahh sound.After few seconds let the breath exhale.Repeat this two times.You should notice by the third time that you are able to hold your breath longer than earlier.When you open your eyes the room should appear brighter,you are centered and probably in an alpha brain wave state. This will also increase one’s energy level.

To learn meditation one must consult a good Reiki Grandmaster or Reiki Healer

Using mantras as ring tone should be avoided

In these days there is a trend to use mantra related ringtones but using a ringtone of mantra is not auspicious. Mantras from Shastras and the Vedic mantras like Gayatri Mantra, Ganesh Mantra, Navkar Mantra, Hanuman Mantra, or any other Mantras of any God and Goddess are used as a ringtone. If you set a mantra as your ringtone then if you get a missed call, then the mantra will be played partially. If these mantras are played partially, then it has a bad effect on the user other than a good effect because not listening and reading to a mantra completely means that you are insulting the God/Goddess which is related to that mantra.
Guru Bhajan, Kirtan, Gurbani Sabhads, prayers and holy songs can be used as a ringtone. Hearing Bhajans gives peace of mind and releases stress and tensions of a human being. Mantras are more effective than Bhajans, Kirtan, and Holy songs. There is a fixed time and place for the chanting of Mantras so, they should not be used as ringtones as it can be played at any time and place

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