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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Art and science of placement of objects which deals with making nature and its energy more favourable and beneficial for human beings. It is an ancient science having its roots in the Chinese way of viewing the universe, where all things on earth are categorized into five basic elements and take on implications of positive and negative energy.

Feng Shui literally translated, means wind and water. It is science of selecting living environments where the elements and energies are in harmonious balance, thereby bringing the good life to those who reside within that environment.

Feng Shui also aims at appropriate balance of five elements which is essential for co-ordination between energies of Earth and Heaven.

Positive and auspicious environment can be created with simple and easy to follow rules of Feng Shui.

Proper management of colors, light and air can bring lots of positive changes in life.

No structural changes are required in FengShui but only a mere change in placement of things/objects at home and at work place brings prosperity. Feng Shui works not only in homes but also helps to generate positive results of nature’s energy at factories, offices, hospitals schools, godowns and showrooms. In Feng Shui we can also apply Chinese Astrology to make predictions and to locate Luck pillars.

Also with the help of Flying Star Feng Shui we can also rectify the different zones of places/Houses.

Feng Shui services provided by Astro Guide:

  • Full House rectification
  • Rectificationof a single room
  • Family problems
  • Health problems
  • Career Success
  • Wealth
  • Fame
  • Love

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