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KP Astrology

Krishanamurthy System of Astrology, popularly known as K P System of Astrology. K P Astrology System is a powerful and accurate system of prediction. A legend named Prof. K.S.krishanamurthy did a deep research and gave concepts which are used in this system of Astrology. He gave an importance to the Constellations in Astrology and formulated simple principles with the use of Constellations to give accurate predictions. He formulated that the Sub lord of a Planet plays the most important role in prediction. By using KP System of Astrology not only major events of life can be predicted but day-to-day events can also be predicted.

Major events of life like time of marriage, field of study, profession, business or job and overseas settlement etc can be predicted. In KP System we can also get answer of our queries. KP system is system of astrology which can rectify birth time with accuracy when birth time is doubtful or is not known. Late Prof K Krishanamurthy noticed that in astrology when two Planets are situated in the same Constellation then their result varies. Late Sh. K.S Krishanamurthy gave a Sub Lord theory which is an effective one.

This KP System of astrology is also very effective in case of birth of twins as in this system usually the horoscope changes with minutes. When Twins are born with the difference of few minutes their horoscope will differ from each other.The Sub-Sub Lord in which the Planets are situated will differ in both the horoscopes. So KP System is also a systematic and well defined System which gives highly accurate results.

KP Astrology Services provided by Astro Guide:

  • Health
  • Stress
  • Conflicts
  • Quarrels
  • Education Issues
  • Marriage Issues
  • Career Problems
  • Wealth
  • Job(service)Promotion
  • Transfer/Suspension
  • Business Partnership
  • Ups and Downs in business
  • Expenses/Losses
  • Property Litigation
  • Debts
  • Disputes in ancestral properties
  • Constant Accidents
  • Success in Politics
  • Protection from enemies
  • Birth Time Casting/Rectification
  • Answer to one’s query through Prashan(question) method by KP Astrology

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