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Numerology is a science of numbers with the help of which we study future of individuals.
There are only nine numbers which are considered main in Numerology and all other numbers are derived numbers.
A good numerologist keeps a good grip on the knowledge about positive and negative aspects of each number and its effect on a person’s life.
In numerology date of birth can determine a person’s personality, strength, talent, inner needs, emotions and their reactions. It also helps to overcome obstacles in life.
It also shows us the way to deal with others.

Numerology helps us to plan our future by following the patterns of monthly and yearly cycle of growth.
With the help of this science we can take more active role in life.

It also gives clear picture of person’s personality and character.
Name numerology can also show various aspects of one’s life like success,personal growth,health and relationship, it is also helpful in maintaining peace and happiness in life.

Many film stars, politicians, industrialists, production houses etc. have changed their names based on this art.

Numerology Services provided by Astro Guide:

  • Numerology predictions for full life
  • Yearly predictions
  • Monthly predictions
  • Match making for marriage
  • Balancing name according to birth number
  • Partnership matching
  • Lucky names for new born babies
  • Business numerology
  • Lucky dates,days and colours
  • Starting new business

Solutions of below given problems

  • Less Progress
  • Bad health
  • Delayed career success
  • Slow Growth in life
  • Disturbed peace
  • Partnership problem

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