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Palmistry is the art of telling the future through study of Palm.
The path of palmistry is perfect, complete and dependable system of self awareness.
Palmistry is divided into two branches .
First part of Chirognomy studies the shape of hand.
Chirognomy also covers the length of hand and fingers, texture of hand, mounts and quality of hand.
The second branch is Chiromancy which is the study of lines.
Lines of our hands tells past, present and future of the person.
These lines reveal ups and downs in one’s life.
Joint study of both Chirognomy and Chiromancy means – both the shape of hand and lines of hand

Palmistry Services provided by Astro Guide:

Knowing future through Palmistry in case birth details are not available

  • Current & Future life
  • Luck
  • Romance
  • Ups and downs in Profession
  • Problems in married life
  • Problems relating to children

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