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Following will be the charges for the consultation

Thank you for your interest in out Astrological services. We provide consultation over Email / Phone / Skype . Consultation can be providing the answer single question or it can be a discussion where you discuss your problem and we provide a solution with remedies. Charges for these are mentioned in the table below.

Chargeable fees

  • Consultation over email for one query: INR 500 / USD 10
  • Consultation over Phone for one query: INR 700 / USD 15( for 30 mins consultation )
  • Consultation over Skype for one query: INR 1000 / USD 25( for 30 mins consultation )
  • Consultation of problem with detailed solution and remedies : INR 5100 / USD 100

Please fill the form below. Fill in the required amount for which you wish to avail the service. Also, enter the question that you wish to ask in the “Ask a Question” box. If you wish to have a detailed solution to a problem, then mention that in the “Ask a Question” box.

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