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Vaastu-a key to better living

Dated: November 13th, 2020
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Vaastu is a science of Architecture. This is an ancient art and science with well defined principles and practices of constructing buildings in way that it creates a positive balance between nature and mankind resulting in holistic happiness, health and prosperity. Vaastu also has a deep relation with astrology which is called Horo Vaastu. Horo vaastu is gaining popularity in the current times. With the help of this, vaastu faults can be checked while going through horoscope. Horo Vaastu helps to rectify the birth time of a native. Comparing the characteristics of vaastu and the horoscope of the owner is one of the better means to judge the accuracy of a given Horoscope when there is any doubt about the correct birth time. “Kaal Sarpa” dosha in Horoscope gives clue to the vaastu doshas of the house with severe consequences. Horoscope of the person can check the entry of his house along with the associated problems of direction. With horoscope map axis can be checked to match with the geometric axis of the house of a person. With the help of the horoscope all the discrepancies in the house are checked along with the blocked directions of the house. All building faults can be located by the horoscope and subsequently the rectifications can be suggested. This is the beauty of the Horo Vaastu. Person facing problems in life or at home must consult a good Astrologer and vaastu expert.

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