(People born in Aswini, Barani & Kritika 1st Pada or AriesLagna or Sun in Aries)


There will be peace of mind at home. Chances OfCelebrations & functions will be in family. In this month therewill be expenses on celebrations & will be blessed with lifepartner. Chance of new friendships are seen & you will get support from new friendship & business partner. Who are working in tock market they will get sure success. At the endof this month some may sell their property, but some may get ancestral property. A few add immovable property and vehicles. Cures from disease are also seen.


Over all Good month. Chances of gain in stock market. The need is here to take care of your health as some may get body pains. Gain through ancestral property & money is seen. Here are chances to win a Court case if few are involved in any litigation. In the middle of the month some may start new business. Good profit be seen be good for businessmen. Who are in service can get promotion & change of place be seen for those, some can get new opportunities abroad. Few can purchase property during this month.


Few will get State honor for their work. Some may enjoy a rise in service. Some may be transferred from one place to another & chances of promotion are also seen. Few will receive new projects. Some may sell property. Some can win Court Case if any litigation is going on. Few may add immoveable property & Some may be blessed with child.


Overall the month will go well. In the first week gain is seen in business for the businessmen. The middle of the month is good for those who work in the stock market. Some will add assets during this month. Month of financial stability & short travels & gainful travels.


During this month some may get support from their family members. This month is good for my career. Some may add moveable & immoveable property during this month. Here are chances to win Court Case if any Case is going on. Those who are in service can enjoy promotion & may be transferred from one place to another. Overall, this month will remain stressful after achieving too much during this month.


In the first week of this month there are chances for career growth. During this month most of all will be occupied in religious activities. After the 10th of this month the people who are service may get promotion. Some students may fulfill their dream to get admission abroad. Businessmen may get chance to work on import export. Overall, this month will go well.


Overall this month will remain peaceful. Some may sell their property during this month. For some there will be recognition in society. Those who are related to artistic work will enjoy the fruit of their hard work. Businessman may also get reward for their work. During this month health issues may be resolved but financial crises will remain.