(People born in Mrigashira 3rd&4th Padas, Arda &1st,2nd & 3rd Padas of Punarvasu or Gemini Lagana or Sun in Gemini)


In the first week of the month some may go abroad for job. During this month some may get good support from family. Businessmen will receive orders in bulk these may be from foreign agencies. In the last week of the month some may earn through stock market.


Good month for businessmen, import export business will grow & good month to start partnership business. Students will perform well during this time & will be serious about their future. Some may add immoveable properties. Many may enjoy a rise in status. Politicians will also enjoy their positions well. Artists will achieve state honor.


This month will go good in relation to family circumstances. During this month there are chances to win Court Case if any case is going on. Good time to take decisions. Some may get good profit from ancestral properties. Some may be blessed with a life partner. During this month partnership business will grow well. Some may receive State honors.


Overall, this month will go well. Businessmen will expand their business. Bank balance will improve. Some may add immoveable property. Some may be under debt they may take long term loans for expansion of their business. Students will get rewards for their hard work.


Success in business is seen during this month. Repayment of loans may happen during this month. Decisions taken during this month will have a good outcome. At the end of the month there are chances of a rise in career. Politicians will enjoy their power during this month. Health will improve. One will get support from all around.


This is a good month for business expansion. Long-awaited foreign contacts will help in business expansion. Few may get jobs abroad. In the middle of the month some. At the end of the month there will be a few disturbances at work, but these lead to hard work. Property disputes may arise in this time so stay vigil.


Multiple sources of income are seen, efforts made in this matter may bring wonderful results. Due to extra effort, there are chances of mental stress. Politicians will enjoy their power. Artists will receive state honor. Some may add immoveable property. Chances of growth in partnership business are seen.