(People born in Kratika 2nd, 3rd, 4h padas, Rohini& Mrigshira 1st, 2nd Padas or Taurus Lagna or Sun in Taurus)


Overall this month will be good for all. The environment at home will remain calm. Many may feel at ease in financial matters. Some will be serious about fitness in these days & make regular schedule. Few will get State honor. The end of the month shows speculation gains. During this month some may enjoy gains from ancestral properties. This month will bring many opportunities for many.


Overall successful week. In the first week some may add immoveable properties. This month will give an increase in status. For few this month will success in politics. In the second month of this month artists will receive state honor. During this month students may enjoy the fruit of success.


Overall the month will be calm & Peaceful. Some may win the court case if any case is going on. State honor is seen by many. Working people may enjoy promotion in their job but some may be transferred from one place to another. Success is seen in partnership business. Many may get profit from ancestral Property.


Overall this month will go well. Some will feel there is no scarcity of money. Addition of immoveable property be seen. For businessmen its good news that their business may be reach to heights. This month will maintain social status. Comfortable month end be seen.


Full comfort is seen during this month. One will be capable of taking good decisions during this month. No scarcity of funds is seen during this month. Businessmen will enjoy the fruit of success some may receive export orders. Property expansion is also seen during this month. Politicians will enjoy status during this month. At the end of the month careers will reach on heights & almost all will receive support from seniors. Those who are facing heath issues may feel an improvement in health during this month.


This month is good for businessmen. Business will grow during this month. Some may receive the chance to receive a job abroad. Financial status will remain good during this month. Many may get support from all around. During this month addition in property is seen for many.


For Businessmen this month will go well & financial transactions will go smooth. Some may enjoy family & family environment stays peaceful, calm & prospers. Those who are in politics may enjoy good status. There are chances for many to grow business in partnership. Some will be interested in performing spiritual activities. Many artists may achieve State honor. Addition in immoveable property is seen during this month.