(People born in Vishakha 4th Pada, Anuradha & Jyestha or Vrishchika Lagna or Sun in Vrishchika)


During this time there will remain mental stress and problems will increase. After a lot of struggle & effort the income will remain average. Expenses will be on the higher side. Some may remain in contact with influenced people. Some may be cheated while exchanging money. During this period health will be a cause of tension. Some may be worried about their children.


In the starting of this month some may get success in their few planned works but there also be a chance to receive the expected profit after so many hurdles. During this month some may achieve status and gain popularity. Some may plan to change in their professional workings.


No doubt there will be income as per the wishes but there may also be a rise in the expenses. During this period the effort & hard work will bring success as per the requirement. Status will be on the rise, but family stress will remain during this time. Health will be a cause of tension, there will be problems relating to the eyes, the chances of financial losses will be seen & overall at the end of the month will remain stressful.


During this time different good efforts, hard work & the help of the well-wishers will give success. There is a need to use effort consciously. There are chances to face health problems. There may arise a dispute while money exchanging.


There are chances of happy moments in the family. Some may get promotion with the help of influenced people. During this time some may be more occupied in their professional occupations. Some may be interested in religious matters.


During this time the health problems may occur, there are chances of injury & mis happenings so be conscious. In the 2nd week of month there will be sudden increase in expenses. There will full zeal & courage for the each &every work but problem at workplace & in family will increase during this time.


This time will be the toughest time but during this time financial position will remain average. Mind will remain destructive. One will be in wandering stage & no comfort is seen in the mid of the month. During this time try to avoid argumentative stage. Works can be completed with good plannings.