(People born in Magha, Poorva Phalguni & Uttra Phalguni 1 st Pada or Leo lagna or with Sun in Leo)


Time is tough, pray to your ISAT DEV or take help of Guru whom you follow, with Divine Help the pending works will move towards completion. Sudden profit for some is seen at the end of the month but the extra expenditure will occur on religious activities. During this month a change of place or environmental change may give the best results.


This is the time for religious activities, most people will be interested in religious activities. There will be expenditure on religious functions. In the second week of this month there are chances for wasteful expenditure on unwanted travelling. At the end of the month there may be extra expenditure, or some may become a work alcoholic at that time.


The time is tough for those who are married as there will be misunderstanding between the couple so try to remain fare with your life partner. This is the time to control the expenses so be wise in case of your expenditure. Unwanted travelling may disturb your financial situation. Those who work in the stock market can enjoy gains at the end of the month.


Some may get favor from Government during these days. Pending works may pick speed for their early completion. Those who are in Govt. jobs may enjoy promotion these days. In the middle of the month there are chances of wasteful expenditure. May the Financial situation be tough during this period, but income will remain as average.


During this period the important work will finish after so many hurdles & there are bright chances of good news. In the middle of month there will be a chance of average income after lot of effort & struggle. During this time there are chances of extra expenditure and stress will prevail in the family.


In the beginning of this month there are chances of wasteful expenditure, after lot of effort & hard work income level will remain as average. There will be continued worries about the family. In the second half of the month there some will get support from all around. New relations will be built. The last phase of the month will remain stressful & full of worries. There are chances of extra expenditure.


During this period there will remain a difference of opinion in the family. These may lead to family disputes. After a lot of struggles some may acquire an average income in business. During this time there may be long-distance travelling. Students will perform well during this time & will be serious about their future. Some may add immoveable properties.